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College Ombudsperson

College Ombudsperson

The mission of the Ombudsperson office is to assist students, employees and members of the public with the resolution of problems to support retention and to foster respect across the college community.

Regardless of the type of complaint or grievance you file, there is a place at Metropolitan Community College for your concern to be heard.

If your concern involves any the following areas, please see the information below to get started:

  • Report website-related comments or concerns
  • Academic concerns/complaints about an Instructor
  • Appealing academic suspension or dismissal
  • Concerns with college services
  • Discrimination/harassment complaints
  • Financial aid appeal process (financial aid satisfactory progress)
  • Grade appeals
  • International students
  • Student behavior concerns
  • Student record appeal process 

We encourage you to work with the involved college department to resolve your concern or issue, but if you have an issue or concern with a College process or procedure that you are unable to resolve, please complete the OPE电子竞技官网 Ombuds Assistance Request Form with as much detail as possible.

Depending on the nature of the concern, the Office of the Ombudsperson will either help you connect with the right department or contact you directly. It is the goal of OPE电子竞技官网 to process all submissions in a timely manner. OPE电子竞技官网 will conduct an initial review and acknowledge a submission within two business days of receiving it. If more time is needed, you will be notified.

While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we can assist you in better navigating the OPE电子竞技官网 system. We will use the information you provide to improve our processes and procedures when and where warranted.

Questions about the complaint process or a pending complaint? Contact the Office of the Ombudsperson at 531-OPE电子竞技官网-8030.

If you need to report an emergency or an immediate threat, contact College Police at 531-622-2222.

Report Website-related Comment or Concern

To report a Website-related comment or concern, please fill out the Report Website Issues or Concerns form. When a report is filed, it will be routed to an appropriate contact. Reports will be handled as promptly and discreetly as possible.

Academic Concerns

  1. Speak to your faculty member directly, one-on-one.
  2. If not resolved, instructor concerns are reviewed by the appropriate academic dean, which is listed in the course syllabus or can be found at: Academic Affairs Deans.

Appealing Academic Suspension or Dismissal

Information regarding Academic Standing is available in OPE电子竞技官网’s online Catalog: Academic Standards of Progress. Students on academic suspension or dismissal should sumbmit a Readmission Request form

Concerns with College Services

Students are strongly encouraged to resolve any concern by talking with the staff member/faculty/administrator and his/her supervisor, if necessary, in an attempt to come to a resolution prior to resorting to the College's Ombudsperson.

Discrimination/Harassment Complaints

OPE电子竞技官网 is committed to an environment free of harassment and discrimination. Students who are victims of harassment and/or discrimination are encouraged to file a complaint with the Dean of Student Advocacy and Accountability using the student grievance form. Additional contact information for reporting harassment and discrimination can be found at:

Financial Aid Appeal Process (Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress)

Information regarding Financial Aid at OPE电子竞技官网 can be found at Financial Aid. Visit Satisfactory Progress for information about OPE电子竞技官网’s Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress standards and appeal process.

Grade Appeals

Should a student wish to contest a grade earned in a class, procedures are available in the OPE电子竞技官网's online catalog: Grade Appeals. This process is to be used for disputes regarding final grades. A student who perceives an individual grade received during a course to be unfair must first attempt to resolve the matter informally with his or her instructor.

International Students

For information about attending OPE电子竞技官网 as an international student, visit the International Student page.

Student Help and REferral Process

The Student Help and REferral form can be used to refer an student who demonstrates disruptive behavior, personal difficulties, mental and/or emotional instability or otherwise causes another member of the campus community to feel distress or concern.

Student Record Appeal Process

The Student Record Appeal Process may be used by a student who has had an unforeseen circumstance or life-altering event which affected their ability to complete courses. The Record Action Appeal is not to be used to dispute grades, to voice instructor concerns or for questions regarding the College's refund policy. More information can be found at Student Record Appeal Process.

Tuition/Billing Concerns /Refund Policies 

College refund policy questions are handled by Student Accounts at 531-OPE电子竞技官网-2405.